Best Canaries

This page is dedicated to Joseph mikhaelian

my good friend for so many years Joseph Mikhailian have been breeding canaries since 1983. he has bred many types of canaries , but always had a heart for the frill canaries.
in 2009 he became much more serious in the education of canaries, and discovered the old variety fiorino. joseph's biggest excitement about raising the fiorino was that fiorino wasent well known and popular in USA. Joseph did study fiorino and started to share his knowledge and start teaching others about this little and wonderful canary , the old variety fiorino. in 2010 joseph bred his first couple pair of fiorinos, in 2013 and 2014 he won best old variety title
for all of north texas, in 2015 he won the title of best frill canary in all of texas at the houston bird show.with great dedication and passion he have developed his own bloodline with this breed. He encourages anyone interested in this little bird to participate and enjoy it. In doing so you help in keeping the fiorino frill canary a popular bird in the U.S . I wish him luck , success for all the dedication that he does for the hobby.