Best Canaries

I have been breeding Canaries for the last 25 years, during this period the canaries and the hobby of breeding them have become an integral part of my life. they offer me excitement and contentment. they allow me a freedom of thinking which alleviates the pressure and the worries of business. i always considered that because the hobby was home i was more available to my wife, my son Ben, and my daughter Lilia.


My main enjoyment and satisfaction is the breeding of these beautiful birds but above . any success i have achieved is because of this dedication .


I breed many types of canaries, my main  is the Yorkshire canary, the gentleman of the fancy due to its proud stance and its diplomatic bearing ,the Yorkshire is one of the largest and oldest breed , it was developed by crossing the common canary with the Lancashire ,Norwich , and Belgian canaries ,to add such qualities as length ,improve color and feather quality ,vigor and stance .

We provide a wide selection of different foods, vitamins,  and home grown vegetables on a daily basis natural and artifitial light is present, baths are given 3 times a week , we give them the best care that anyone  can give , thats why we see the high quality result of fine canaries ...

                                                                        Raz Kechichian.



My son Benjamin at a show infront of some winning birds